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Full-flow antifreeze valve, made of brass. It does not generate any type of load loss. It contains a sensor specifically designed to react to low temperatures, causing a slow drainage of the pipe outward. It operates by opening the flow when the temperature is equal to or lower than 3°C.

When the temperature is equal to or higher than 4°C, this device acts by closing the discharge flow outward. At its top, it has a vacuum control system that allows air to enter the interior when this device begins its discharge.

Especially recommended for aerothermal installations.

antifreeze valve







Max. pressure

10 bar

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Efficiency and Protection Against Freezing

This innovative device, when perfectly integrated into aerothermal systems, offers an effective solution against pipe freezing. Its design, focused on efficiency and protection, ensures continuous and safe operation of the installations, even in adverse climatic conditions. The full-flow antifreeze valve is essential to maintain the optimal performance of the systems without compromising the integrity of the infrastructure.

Valve of High Durability and Resistance

Furthermore, the brass used in its manufacture not only provides durability but also resistance to corrosion, ensuring a long product lifespan. This device not only prevents freezing but also protects against potential vacuum damage, representing a dual advantage for any installation. Its easy integration and minimal maintenance make this valve a preferred option for professionals seeking efficiency and reliability in their heating and cooling systems.