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The PARETA F-F Thermostatic Mixing Valve is crafted from chrome-plated brass, a choice that guarantees both durability and resistance. Designed to provide and maintain a constant temperature for hot water, this valve is essential in any home or establishment that values precision and comfort. Equipped with a rotary control, it allows the user to set the desired temperature for water delivery at various points of consumption or use.

These types of valves are highly recommended for installation in systems with water storage units, such as solar thermal panels or heat pumps that require a storage tank.





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130 mm

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73 mm
74 mm

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Energy Efficiency and Comfort

The PARETA mixing valves are designed to blend cold supply water with the hot water provided by our Domestic Hot Water (DHW) system, whether it’s from a boiler, water heater, or solar thermal installation. By using these valves, we ensure that the mixed water is always at the same temperature, thereby avoiding water wastage and reducing energy consumption. This approach not only guarantees user comfort but also enhances environmental efficiency.

Innovation and Safety

The valve operates with an internal cartridge system, controlled by a front-mounted regulator, that ensures consistent temperature maintenance. This setup prevents the water from being excessively hot or too cold, providing a safe and pleasant user experience. It also prevents the waste of all that water and energy consumed until reaching the desired comfort temperature.

We are confident that incorporating the F-F Thermostatic Mixing Valve into our product range will affirm our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, while consistently maintaining the high quality that characterizes PARETA.