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The Brass Tee With Sliding Nut, entirely made of brass, offers an optimal measurement of 22 x 3/4 x 22. This product stands out for having a 3/4 threaded H outlet. Specifically, this piece is ideal for the manufacture of gas centralizations, as it allows the derivation of a 22 copper tube and the connection of a 3/4 gas valve, providing an efficient and reliable solution for these installations.

brass tee with sliding nut




22 x 3/4 x 22


56 mm

Unit Pack.


Gral. Pack.


Technical sheet

Brass Tee With Sliding Nut: Functionality

The Brass T for Batteries, an essential component in your gas installations. By its composition, it is ideal for the manufacture of gas centralizations. It will allow the derivation of a 22 copper tube and will connect a 3/4 gas valve.

Main Features of the Brass Tee With Sliding Nut

This component is entirely made of brass. The dimensions of the piece are 22 x 3/4 x 22. It also has a 3/4 threaded H outlet, which facilitates the connection with other elements of the gas system, such as a 3/4 male gas valve.

Benefits of its use

The Brass T for Batteries is a piece to assist in the assembly of gas branches and the possibility of screwing a presentable nut to a valve.