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Grupo Heca triumphs at the ISH 2023 trade fair and renews its commitment to the industry

FRANKFURT – In an exciting return to international trade fairs, Grupo Heca has once again made its mark at the ISH 2023 event held in Frankfurt, establishing itself as one of the leading players in the industry. The fair, known for its focus on innovation and trends in the sector, has been the perfect stage for the company to showcase its commitment to progress and the quality of its products.

Grupo Heca’s success at this edition of the ISH trade fair has not gone unnoticed, as the large influx of visitors from all over the world witnessed the excellent reception of the innovations presented by the company. Customers were excited about the innovative solutions and the potential they represent for the future of the sector.


Grupo Heca has experienced this edition of the ISH fair in a special way, after overcoming the challenging pandemic years that affected the industry globally. The company has seized the opportunity to reconnect with its customers and establish new business relationships, thereby strengthening its position in the market.

A spokesperson for the company expressed with enthusiasm, “We find it very comforting to resume our presence at trade fairs after these years of pandemic and have the chance to greet and serve all our customers.” This reunion has not only served to strengthen business ties but has also been a demonstration of the resilient spirit and passion that characterizes the industry.

With its successful participation in the ISH 2023 trade fair, Grupo Heca confirms its commitment to remaining a benchmark in the sector and continuing to drive growth and innovation in the industry. Undoubtedly, its presence in Frankfurt has left an indelible mark, and people are eagerly awaiting its upcoming advancements and achievements in the world of international trade fairs.