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The Magnetic Filter for Boilers is specially designed to filter and remove impurities in the heating system, this device is capable of separating and retaining both magnetic and non-magnetic particles.

Thanks to its magnetic operation with a neodymium magnet, its installation is simple and convenient.

This versatile device can function both in a horizontal and vertical position. Additionally, its maintenance and cleaning are simple and easy to perform.

magnetic filter for boilers 11000 gauss





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What is a magnetic filter for boilers?

A magnetic filter is, first and foremost, a device that is installed in a boiler’s heating circuit to capture and remove metallic debris that accumulates in the system. These residues, also known as sludge, can negatively impact the boiler’s performance and efficiency.

  • Operation

The magnetic filter uses a magnet to attract metal particles suspended in the water that circulates through the heating system. These particles adhere to the magnet and are removed from the water flow, thereby preventing their accumulation in the boiler and radiators.

  • Importance in heating

The buildup of sludge in the heating system can cause a range of problems, such as reduced efficiency, increased energy costs, and a shortened boiler lifespan. Additionally, it can cause annoying noises and uneven heating of radiators. Therefore, having a magnetic filter can be crucial for maintaining an efficient and well-functioning heating system.

Advantages of using a sludge filter

Some of the advantages of using a magnetic filter in a boiler include:

  • Improved boiler efficiency and performance
  • Savings on energy costs
  • Protection of the boiler and radiators from corrosion and wear
  • Reduction of noise in the heating system
  • Easier maintenance and cleaning of the system

Maintenance and cleaning

It is important to perform regular maintenance on the magnetic filter to ensure its efficiency and prolong the boiler’s lifespan. Cleaning the filter should include removing and cleaning the magnet, as well as disposing of accumulated debris. Consult the manufacturer’s recommendations to know how often you should carry out maintenance on your magnetic filter.