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The Stainless Steel 304 Expansion Vessel Support Kit For DHW is designed for expansion vessels for air conditioning and aerothermal applications. It is ideal for mounting expansion vessels ranging from 5 to 40 liters in volume.

This kit is packaged in a box that also includes all necessary safety and control accessories.

As for the composition of the kit, it consists of a support made of INOX AISI 304 steel. It also features a double check valve M/H 3/4 for the connection and disconnection of the expansion vessel.

For added safety, the kit includes a safety valve for the boiler MH 1/2″x3/4″ – 7 bar. It also incorporates an automatic 1/2″ air vent and a check valve for the 1/2″ vent.

The vertical Ø 63 manometer, with a 1/4″ thread and a 0-10 bar scale, features a green sector and a red needle on the display for easy reading.

The kit has a total length of 250 mm, and the distance between centers is 215 mm.

Finally, this product is especially recommended for the installation of expansion vessels for air conditioning and aerothermal systems.




F-F – 3/4


250 mm


215 mm


5-40 L

U. / G. Pack.

1 / 6

Kit composition


Stainless Steel 304 Support
Double check valve M-F 3/4
Safety valve for boiler M-F 1/2×3/4 – 7 bar
Automatic air vent 1/2″
Check valve for air vent 1/2″
Pressure gauge Ø 63 vertical 1/4 – 0-10 bar with green sector and red needle on viewfinder

Technical sheet

Enhance Your Installations with the Stainless Steel 304 Expansion Vessel Support Kit For DHW

Our INOX 304 Expansion Vessel Support Kit for ACS is, without a doubt, the ideal choice for installing the expansion vessel outdoors, whether in a saline environment or not, and also for coupling the stainless steel expansion vessels available on the market from other manufacturers. This kit, designed for expansion vessels of 5 to 40 liters, also includes all necessary safety and control accessories, such as the manometer, safety valve, vent, and double check valve reference 5390013400 which is fantastic when we need to change the expansion vessel.

A Perfect Balance Between Durability and Efficiency

In this regard, this kit stands out for its impressive presence and robust construction in INOX AISI 304 steel, providing high resistance to corrosion caused by condensation that is generated by the temperature difference, exterior and interior of the heating enclosure, installations outdoors, or saline environments, thus making it a smart and lasting investment for your heating or aerothermal system projects.