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For the assembly of expansion vessels for heating systems with capacities ranging from 5 to 40 litres, this stainless steel 304 expansion vessel support kit is provided in a box that includes both safety and control accessories.

The kit is composed of the following elements: Support manufactured in AISI 304 stainless steel. Double retention valve M/H 3/4 for the connection and disconnection of the expansion vessel. Safety valve for boiler M/H 1/2″ x 3/4″, adjusted to 3 bar. Automatic air vent of 1/2″. Retention valve for the air vent of 1/2″. Pressure gauge Ø 63 in vertical orientation, with a 1/4″ thread, scale from 0-4 bar, and it features a green sector and a red needle in the viewer for easy reading.

The dimensions of the kit are as follows: Total length of 250 mm, while the distance between centres is 215 mm.

This kit is especially suitable for the installation of expansion vessels in heating and aerothermal systems.




F-F – 3/4


250 mm


215 mm


5-40 L

U. / G. Pack.

1 / 6

Kit composition


Stainless Steel 304 Support
Double check valve M-F 3/4
Safety valve for boiler M-F 1/2×3/4 – 3 bar
Automatic air vent 1/2″
Check valve for air vent 1/2″
Pressure gauge Ø 63 vertical 1/4 – 0-4 bar with green sector and red needle on viewfinder

Technical sheet

Features of the stainless steel 304 Expansion Vessel Support Kit

Material: Stainless Steel 304

The stainless steel 304 expansion vessel support kit is made of stainless steel 304, a material well-known for its corrosion resistance and impressive durability. This ensures that the support will not rust or deteriorate over time, even in humid environments or with sudden temperature changes.

Easy Assembly of the Expansion Vessel Support Kit

This support kit is designed for easy assembly, as it includes all the necessary parts and accessories for installation. Moreover, its design allows it to be easily adaptable to different sizes and types of expansion vessels.

Suitable for Different Expansion Vessel Sizes

The INOX 304 expansion vessel support kit is versatile and adjusts to various expansion vessel sizes, making it perfect for both domestic and industrial installations.

Compact and Sturdy Design

The compact and sturdy design of the INOX 304 expansion vessel support kit ensures optimal stability and excellent performance, preventing unwanted movement of the expansion vessel and securing a strong and safe attachment.